Fully personalized check ups

About preventive full check ups

We have taken into account those conditions that harm and shorten the life expectancy of our patients and we have put together a series of tests to provide early diagnosis and to help us control their evolution.

These tests  include  blood, stool, urine, Ophthalmological, Gynecological, Cardiological, general physical examinations, and Genetic testing. We have recently incorporated endoscopic (Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy) evaluations to our catalog particularly for high risk  patients, and a Sleep clinic.

We have standard tests and if needed, we can include special tests depending on the patient, their genetic conditioning factors, lifestyle, previous medical history, phenotype and tests ordered by their usual medical providers.

Always up-to-date in terms of personalized tests with the latest studies and complying with our firm objective of early diagnosis, we are undoubtedly well known for doing the best Medical Check Ups. We take each patient very seriously from a holistic approach and try to do a thorough review.

Our check-ups are adapted to the patient, having different modalities and profiles, such as:

  • Teen and Children checkups

  • Special check-ups for Women under 45 and women +45

  • Special check-ups for men under 45 and men +45

  • Special check-ups for Seniors + 75

  • Special checks for Vegans and Vegetarians.
  • Special check-ups for digestive issues.


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