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Answering your questions

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How can I make an appointment?

By phoning +34 871201007, sending an email to info@drstoma.com, or going to the center to request an appointment in person.

Do we still have to wear masks in the surgery?

Yes, by law masks have to be worn in all pharmacies and health care providers premises. 


How do I get analysis done?

You can come Monday to Friday  from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to get tested.

Do I need any documents to do analysis?

To carry out tests, you must have the lab petition/request from the doctor who prescribed it. If you have a Spanish insurance you must bring your insurance card. If you do not have the petition from your  doctor, you will have to ask us  to prepare one for you.

How do I collect stool samples?

Read the instructions included in the bag that we give to patients for their check-ups.

How do I get the results?

The patients have to come to collect their lab results in person and have them read to them. If you want someone to come to collect your results, you will have to speak to the secretary beforehand so that she can explain the regulations. Normally we visit the patients when we give them the test results. That way we make sure the patient has understood them and the steps that should be taken.

Will you call me to give me my results?

So as to avoid delays and lower the potential error margin the patient has to get in touch with us for the results or book an appointment to go through them with the health care provider. 

Can you send me the results?

You can ask the laboratory to send you the results online. It is recommended that you go with the results to the doctor who requested them so that he/she can interpret them for you. If in doubt please consult with our staff.

How many days does it take to give the results?

On average from 3 to 7 days depending on the tests and if they have to be sent to mainland Spain.. Food intolerance takes two weeks and the Whole Genome testing can take a month.

Can I get the results in English?

Yes, we can organize that for you.

Can I have breakfast before doing my tests?

Generally we recommend you do not eat or drink anything before blood tests and special tests.

Do the check ups include everything?

The check ups have been designed to track down the most important and frequent illnesses that cause harm to our population. It would be impossible to include all the tests that exist. If you have a specific risk, be it genetic or not, then we can adjust the tests to cater for this. 

Will I get an invoice for the lab tests?

Yes you will be given invoices for all of the medical services you receive. If you have a Spanish insurance that we work with then we do direct billing to the company and we will not issue an invoice.

Can I claim back my medical expenses?

That depends on your insurance or your National Health system. 

Can I ask for a special test, procedure or examination?

Yes. Every case will be evaluated for indication and risk. 

If I needed hospitalization where would I go?

Every case is different and so depending on the problem we would refer to a specific clinic or hospital. 

In Spain the word clinic can mean a medium sized medical center or a center where people are hospitalized and treated. These private centers can in most cases carry out very advanced medical services. 

Does the physiotherapist do house calls?


Do you have WIFI in the practice?

Yes, please ask our staff for the password.

Will a taxi come to the practice to take me home?

Yes, please take note of the telephone numbers: 

+34 971134700

+34 971680970