Clinical Nutritionist

About our clinical nutritionist, Antonio Guerrero

Antonio Guerrero is Our Clinical Nutritionist. He speaks English and Spanish and is an expert in the treatment of obesity and associated comorbidities.

Antonio's Philosophy:

From the moment the patient enters the clinic, we become a team, where my greatest objective is not only for that person to lose weight if that be the case, but also for them to be happy during the process. I don't want them to wake up in the morning unhappy because of being on a diet that day. I want the person to wake up energetic and committed to the program designed for him or her, and understanding the path they are on and their goals.

How do we get to that situation? Individualizing each of the diets to the maximum depending on the customs, likes, schedules, needs, and hunger peaks of each patient. All treatments are adapted to the patient.

There are people who have time to cook and like doing so, there are also people who cannot, and that do not have more than 10 minutes to prepare a meal. We adapt our program to their specific needs and customs of the patient. The objective is to achieve nutritional balance taking into account the needs, likes, and limitations of each patient.

Nutrients are essential, food is NOT!


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